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Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter Over a Family Member, Friend or Neighbor?

I am often asked, "why hire a pet sitter when family, friends or neighbors will do it for free or little cost?" It's great to have people that will do that but, its not their first responsibility. They have lives, family, their own pets and activities that they will get to first. At Legends Pet Care Services, your pet comes first!

There are many reasons to hire a professional pet sitter. This is not a hobby but a passion and career. Here are the main reasons you should consider when thinking about hiring a professional pet sitter at Legends Pet Care Services.

  1. All pet sitters are employees of Legends Pet Care Services. They go through a hiring process and go through local and national background checks before they are hired. They then go through a training process to ensure they understand what needs to be done on each visit. They must also complete a pet first aid course before they are allowed to go out on their own.

  2. All pet sitters are insured and bonded. If anything goes wrong, everyone is protected. If you use a friend, neighbor or family member and they leave water running and house floods, you are not protected.

  3. All sitters are reliable and work as a team to ensure that we NEVER miss a visit. Your pet and the well being of your home is our priority.

  4. We are a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.

  5. We provide you with the peace of mind that your pets and home are well cared for.

As you start making plans for vacations or even just a day away, consider using Legends Pet Care Services to care for your pets and home while you are away. Let's face it, using us will be one less thing you need to worry about while you are away having fun and and a bit of relaxation. Visit our website at or call or text us at 843-970-2553.

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