Why Adoption Matters

When the time comes in your life and you’ve made the decision to bring an animal into your home there are many options and many species and breeds to choose from. A few questions to first ask yourself are:

What does my lifestyle allow for?

  • Will I be traveling often?

  • Can I take my buddy along, or

  • Is there a trusty pet service to care for my pet in my absence?

Do I have the correct living conditions?

  • Do I have adequate yard space for a large dog, lap dog, indoor cat, hamster, or fish

  • If renting, does my landlord allow pet? Does it require an extra deposit?

Will this animal require any special maintenance?

  • Is the pet young and in need or house breaking or older adult?

  • Will training be needed?

  • Groomer visits?

  • Medical interventions/medication? Some breeds are prone to certain conditions

Once you have determined you are ready, then comes the time to find a reputable breeder or visit your local (or online) shelter. But why is adopting a pet such a great way to go??

Adopting a furry friend makes a much bigger impact than anyone can imagine. Not only could it save you time and money, it saves a life in need and can help your family get healthier. Mixed breeds are often genetically healthier.

Adoption fees often are far less than a breeder would charge for a purebred animal. If you are in search of a pure breed, there are rescue groups that care for a specific breed only. If you end up with a Mutt, finding out their DNA and understanding what makes them who they are is fun and affordable to do. Most veterinarians will do the testing right in their office or multiple companies are online and offer a quick turnaround.

Pets for adoption often experience loneliness and depression from lack of human companionship, so they understand when you go through those things. The connection between a shelter dog and their adoption parent can be stronger than any other!

Pets that come from radically different genetics, AKA mutts, are oftentimes much healthier and less prone to disease or genetic conditions that can be bred into pure lines.

Animals in all stages of their lives are in need of loving homes. According to the ASPCA, over 6 million pets enter animal shelters every year. Fortunately for us, we now have the ability to be very specific in our search for a shelter or private rescue animal as most now are able to advertise online. Most shelters or non-profit animal

rescue services will post about the animals they have available.

One specific animal rescue that is near and dear to my heart is Lakeside Animal Rescue which is a foster based rescue service located out of Holly Hill, SC. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for all homeless animals and help reduce the population of strays. Each animal at Lakeside receives all necessary medical care and vaccines and is placed in a loving foster home while they await their Furrever home.

The application and verification of each home by Lakeside Rescue shows how much they care about each four legged friend that crosses their doors. The process is seamless. They post on their website all the furry friends that are hoping for homes. You can fill out an application ahead of time and when you see a picture of a four, or sometimes three legged friend you’d like to meet, send them an email. Someone will reach out to you and connect you with the foster parent for a meeting

I know first-hand the gratitude and appreciation an adopted dog has for their humans. Ellie came to us from Lakeside Animal Rescue and we had an instant connection. She is as loving and fun to have in our home as they said she would be. A year later I still feel her saying thank you for rescuing me when I look in her eyes

Of course no shelter or animal rescue runs without donations or foster parents. If you would like to help financially, with supplies or as a foster parent, contact your local shelter or Lakeside Animal Rescue to see what they need most. Dorchester Paws accepts unused, unexpired medication, food and they appreciate any old bedding.

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