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Technology is a wonderful thing!!!

I am sure you have all heard the saying, "Technology is a wonderful thing, so long as it works!!" This past week, I upgraded some of my technology and for the past week I have had nothing but issues! I have learned that not having technology that works costs you time, money and a lot of heartburn!

As with many people, I upgraded my phone this past week. I have two phone numbers, my personal cell number and the business number on one phone. Well for whatever reason, the business number would not work using text messaging and our Time To Pet application. The phone service I use has gone from a very simple process to one that no one can seem to figure out! I have made several trips back to the phone store, spoke with people on the phone and online and no one can figure out why the phone number won't work. They made a very simple and quick process into one that really just doesn't work. Very frustrating to me and I'm sure some of our clients.

Unfortunately, we have to change our phone number once again! I hate having to do this but it is the only way we can get a working number. Effective immediately, our new business number will be 843-970-2553. You can call or text this number or use our Time To Pet application.

Communicating with you is a top priority. Having working technology is also a top priority and needed in this day and time.

Just so long as it works!!

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