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November 1st Is National Cook For Your Animal Day!!

Now that the 1st holiday of the season is out of the way, we can focus on life for a few days. One constant and furr-ever Loving part of our lives is our animals. The Animals in our homes play a very important role in our hearts and love us unconditionally. They deserve to be celebrated and treated once in a while. This special day is to make them healthy by cooking the food in a home and also for supporting good nutrition among our beloved pets. Now I’m not suggesting sharing your dinner plate with them. We still need to consider their natural diet. If you were interested in converting from store bought to home made food, your veterinarian would be the first stop . But the internet if full of many great recipes for our furry friends. Below are a few easy treat recipes to start with now for National Cook for your Animal day.
A couple of things to avoid are chocolate, onions, avocados, garlic, salt, yeast dough, tomato leaves and stems, and milk-based foods. This National day began to bring awareness to owners about animal nutritional needs. Many of todays store bought pet foods are over processed and have low nutritional value. Balance in all areas of our lives and those of the Animals we love is what’s important though. If you have the time to whip up a yummy, healthy meal or treat they will certainly appreciate it!! Certainly last, but not least, enjoy yourself in this culinary adventure. Our pets do a lot for us. They give us unconditional love, so celebrate National Cook For Your Pets Day by giving them that kind of love back in a delicious, nutritious home-cooked meal!
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