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Molly and 2020!

2020 certainly has been a tough year for me for many different reasons. It would have been easy to get down about everything, but I have someone in my life that always seems to sense when I’m a bit down and gives me a lift when I need it. Not talking about my wife (who is wonderful, attentive and loving) but my dog Molly!

Molly came into our lives almost two years ago. She has been a blessing to us every day. She senses when I need a hug, a happy face, a wagging tail or does something silly to raise my spirits. She loves to play or just snuggle up to you. She is always happy when I come home!

We have a fenced in yard for Molly but she loves going for a walk each day. She even knows when its time to go! Each day we go, she acts like it's the first time! She loves meeting other people. In fact, she has never met a human she doesn’t like!

I am sure you all have a Molly in your lives. Our pets give us so much comfort and joy, 365 days a year in good times and bad. They love you and are happy your around no matter whats going on in the world that day. It one of the reasons I started my third career as a pet care professional.

As we celebrate the holidays and the end of this trying year, I know that things will get better. I am also thankful that Molly has been there every day helping me stay positive and hopeful. She is my best buddy!

I am so appreciative of all of our clients who let us come and spend time with your pets. It is truly a joy to care for your pets each visit. Thank you for your business and trusting us to care for your loving pets while you are away. We look forward to serving you and your pets in the new year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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