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We wanted to inform you of an important change we are making to our key policy at Legends Pet Care Services. As our business has grown over the years, we have encountered challenges in collecting, storing, and managing our clients' keys. To address these concerns and continue providing the best service possible, we have decided to implement a new key policy effective November 1, 2023.

After conducting thorough research and consulting with other pet sitters across the country, we have decided to require all clients to have a lockbox with their key at their home. Lockboxes have become a standard practice in the pet sitting industry and offer several benefits for both our clients and our staff.

Here's how the new policy will work:

1. Lockbox Requirement: Starting November 1, 2023 or their first booking after this date, all clients will be required to have a lockbox at their home that utilizes keys to enter. This ensures that our staff can access your home to care for your pets without any complications.

2. Two Key Requirement: Each client will need to provide us with two keys. One key will be kept in the lockbox located at your home, and the other key will be stored in a centralized, secure location for emergencies. Rest assured, your name and address will never be directly associated with the keys we hold. Instead, we utilize a system of identification that only our team is privy to.

Benefits for Clients:

a. Enhanced Security: With a lockbox in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that our sitters can access your property when needed without any issues. Whether it's a routine visit or an emergency, you won't have to worry about keys being passed between sitters or kept in someone's car.

b. Convenient Access: In case of emergencies or situations where you need someone else to enter your home, your key will be readily available in the lockbox. This ensures that authorized individuals can access your home without complications.

c. Key Backup: We will have a backup key stored securely offsite, so even if unforeseen circumstances arise, we can still provide the necessary care for your pets.

Obtaining a Lockbox:

Clients who currently use keys to enter their home will need to acquire a lockbox before November 1, 2023 or if you book us after this date. You can purchase a lockbox from a local store or online. Simply provide us with the code to access the lockbox and its location. If you prefer, we can assist you in obtaining and installing a lockbox for a one-time fee of $20. We will provide the lockbox, guide you in setting the code, and help you determine an optimal location for installation. If you use an electronic lock or a garage code, that is acceptable too. However, we will still require a physical key to keep in our central location as a backup.

We want to assure you that this decision was made after careful consideration. We believe that implementing this new key policy will significantly improve the way we handle and safeguard your keys while ensuring quick and efficient access for our staff when caring for your pets. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to providing you and your pets with the best service possible.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new key policy, please don't hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your understanding and continued support.


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