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TIPS for the SUMMER!

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

With the bright and beautiful days of spring upon you, remember that doggie dangers and cat-astrophes can happen anywhere, so you must be prepared to prevent disasters and stabilize injuries before veterinary care is available.

Rising Temperatures

Keep pets well-hydrated and provide shade when outdoors. An air-conditioned house is safest, but the next best thing is a well ventilated and insulated doghouse, a catio or a shaded porch with a fan or misting system.

Outside food bowls should be placed in a pan containing a few inches of water to keep ants out. Fresh drinking water must be supplied all day long making sure that outside bowls remain in the shade even when the sun moves in the late afternoon. Bowls that attach to a spigot need to be checked to ensure that all systems are go and that the bowls aren’t a muddy mess from dogs who cool their paws in them. Don’t solve the problem by supplying a larger bowl which can become a bird bath making water unpotable. Due diligence is a must. Cats, too, need to drink, so try a saucer, glass or coffee mug which won’t brush whiskers and makes the experience enjoyable.

When transporting pets, never leave them unattended in a vehicle, even for a few minutes! Temperatures can skyrocket quickly, resulting in life-threatening conditions.

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