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Behind-the-Scenes at Legends Pet Care Services in 2023

Wow, it's already October 2023! The year has flown by, with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's just around the corner. We can hardly believe how time has passed! We'd like to take a moment to express our gratitude to our wonderful clients and their beloved pets. While you may be familiar with our pet sitters through the messages and photos they share during their visits, we'd like to offer you a sneak peek behind the scenes at Legends Pet Care this year.

In 2023, we've experienced substantial growth, expanding our client base to over 250 clients, and our journey is far from over. Like any growing business, we've recognized the need for some changes. Please be assured that every adjustment made at Legends Pet is aimed at enhancing our service for both our clients and their furry friends.

One significant change we're implementing is related to client access to their homes. We understand that many of you have entrusted us with keys, and our safe holds more than 100 of them. Keeping track of these keys and ensuring that our sitters have easy access has become increasingly challenging. To improve this aspect, starting on November 1, we're introducing a new key policy that will incorporate lockboxes. Lockboxes are a widely accepted practice in the pet sitting industry and have been used by real estate professionals for years. We've shared the new policy with all our clients and will reiterate it at the end of the month. Our goal is to safeguard your keys, simplify home access for our sitters, and have contingency plans in place to prevent any unexpected lockouts.

Many of you are familiar with Dana. In 2023, Dana was promoted to the role of Manager, taking on responsibilities such as scheduling, staff training, social media management, and conducting visits. We continue to recruit the best sitters, and this year, we've offered them opportunities for ongoing education. We're also developing an in-house training program scheduled for next year. All our sitters are certified in pet first aid and renew their certification every two years.

Behind the scenes, I've been actively engaged with the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS). Throughout the year, I've been appointed to two committees and currently serve as the Chair of the member benefits committee for the organization. My commitment to continuous learning extends beyond NAPPS, with ongoing training both within and outside the pet care industry. This year, I was honored to be named the Volunteer of the Quarter by NAPPS. Additionally, I attended a pet sitters conference in New Orleans earlier this year, where I had the pleasure of meeting many other pet sitters from across the country.

In our efforts to enhance our team's capabilities, we've introduced ongoing training, created an employee website, and transitioned from paper-based documentation to electronic access. For our clients, we've introduced an exciting feature that allows us to include short videos, along with photos of your pets, in our reports.

We're committed to continually improving our services and the skills of our team. We're excited to announce that we have more enhancements and surprises planned for later this year. Serving our clients and their pets has been a true pleasure, and we're looking forward to the continued relationships with all of you. Your business is greatly appreciated, and we can't wait to care for your pets soon.


George Lockwood, Owner

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