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A Day In The Life Of A Pet Sitter!

I have people ask me all the time, what's so hard about pet sitting? While most times it's not hard, we do have our moments. This year has been extremely busy. We have a lot of early days and late nights caring for pets. Here is just a sample of what one of my days consisted of.

Got up at 5:30 to get started caring for pets. I don’t turn on any lights. Get dressed in the dark and go!

My first visit is to a client that has several lizards, a chameleon, rabbit and frogs. The chameleon is now one of my buddies! But, he does like to eat bugs. So client raises cockroaches for her. So first thing at 6:00 am, I’m feeding the roaches, feeding roaches to Aires the chameleon, cleaning up rabbit poop and feeding dragon lizards and frogs. Then off to walk some dogs. One was in a crate and got mad and chewed up her bed! Had to clean that up. Went to the next house to walk two dogs. After they pooped I picked up as usual. The dogs saw another dog walking and got excited and proceeded to run around me and getting the leashes wound around my legs. I almost fell but in the melee the poop bag got caught up in the leashes and somehow I stuck my hand in the bag and got poop on my hand at 7:00 in the morning! Off to care for a house full of cats. One of the cats had barfed. Another nice mess to have to clean up first thing in the morning. Then off to walk a dog who is very good. We had a nice walk but along the way someone had not picked up after their dog and guess who stepped in it!? Now I had to clean my shoe.

Finally a break to get coffee and a bagel at local deli. Finally back home to clean up and get ready to attend an event. Running a bit late so rushing around. Go to brush teeth and jump in the shower and get first look at myself in the mirror! Hair sticking out at all angles and looking a bit frazzled! Perhaps getting dressed in the dark might not be a good idea. The animals and the folks at the deli must have thought I just escaped the asylum!

I jump in the car and start going down the street a something is just not right! I realize I forgot to put my glasses back on! Had to stop, turn around and get them.

It’s only noon and lots more to do. What further adventures await me?

While it was a crazy morning, I would not trade it. Pet sitting is not a hard job but it is challenging. I love it and caring for your pets. I wouldn't have I any other way.

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